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    Mimi's Training~ Empty Mimi's Training~

    Post by Mioko on Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:44 pm

    Mioko sat at the top of the Crystal Tower, in the spot
    usually reserved for her kage, being bathed in the warm sun that often fell on
    her home village. She was staring sightlessly into the distance – literally, as
    she had her right eye closed and her left eye was just a glass imitation that
    she could not actually see out of. Suishougakure was built around a mountain,
    following the design of nature rather than changing it for man’s own needs or
    purpose. The village was split into different levels around the mountain that
    could be reached by either walking, climbing or - if you were a stranger, too
    young, elderly, infirm, a regular person as oppose to a shinobi or just lazy –
    by using the Crystal Elevator that went through the core of the mountain, like
    the ever moving arm of a piston giving life to the machine of the village.
    Mioko had never learnt the symbolism of the crystal - although she guessed it
    was probably related to the way crystal refracts light and the symbolism of it
    was something clear and precious - and, as she was extremely paranoid that the
    elevator might one day break with her inside it, usually chose to climb up and
    down the mountain when travelling around the village, rather than rise in the
    crystal contraption. She encouraged her subordinate Anbu to do the same, saying
    it was better for them to keep energetic at all times and to be alert and
    prepared for all situations; which was hypocritical as Mioko was the laziest
    ninja in the village, often trying to avoid doing anything at all, short of
    sleeping as much as she possibly could (which often wasn’t very much). She was
    also probably one of the least observant people ever to reach her skill level
    or rank in any shinobi village, mostly due to the fact she was always in need
    of, or trying to, sleep, which meant her high intelligence was often put to
    waste. She was probably also one of the least loyal members of a shinobi
    village, with the exception of those who actually defected. Mioko only cared
    for two people in the village – her kage and the village Sannin, who was also
    her sempai – and had no attachment to the village itself. In fact, should the
    village be attacked she would be just as likely to avoid fighting due to the
    effort it exerted as she would to fight for it. Despite Suishou’s beautiful
    landscape, which could be seen to its fullest at the top of the crystal tower,
    surrounded by lush forests and clean, fresh, unmarred green land in the middle
    of a mountain range, Mioko had no care for the sights she may be able to see
    from the top of the tower, which gave a great view of the surrounding areas. Instead,
    she was trying to see if she would sleep better if she only closed one eye. Her
    kage, the young Mayu, was working in her offices, and so Mioko felt she had
    time to relax at the top of the tower, which was where Mayu usually did
    drawings of the landscape, portraits or whatever took her fancy. She had just
    returned from her duty patrolling the village – which she had been not-so-gently
    reprimanded by the village Sannin, who Mioko respectfully called Kimi-sempai
    (Kimi was the only person to whom Mioko bothered to attach honorifics, which
    was a sign of her great respect for her), for trying to avoid – and so was
    wearing her Anbu gear; dark knee-length leggings, knee-high fitted black
    leather boots, softened with age, and a fur-lined chestnut brown aviators jacket over a fitted round-neck
    black t-shirt. Strapped on her back she was carrying two curved swords – katana
    – which were a present from her grandfather, who was a wandering master
    swordsman. He had left her at Suishougakure when she was ten so that she could
    join the Academy and train as a shinobi. Unlike many people who used swords,
    she had never named hers, preferring to keep her distance from the swords which
    she simply considered a tool.

    She had spent the morning working in the hospital, again.
    She had been called in to help the team who were frantically trying to heal a
    man who had been paralysed. In reality, that meant that she had spent most of
    her time in the large, dusty, tome-filled library that was tucked away in a
    corner of the basement of the building. She always wondered what would happen
    if someone just smashed a hole through the floor of a basement; after a few
    layers of rock, would you reach the next level? Or were there other protective
    measures in force to prevent that, perhaps created by the founders of the
    village, or maybe a natural protection, like a layer of the crystal that was so
    prominent throughout the mountainside village. Perhaps those who had grown up
    in the village, or had ancestry there, would have some clue as to the answer of
    this; but Mioko had arrived there for the first time when she was ten years
    old, for the sole purpose of training to become shinobi. Oddly enough, the
    question had never really fitted into any context of the conversations she had
    had – or, rather, since she was usually lazily attempting to sleep – the
    conversations she had listened to. It was in the library – so full of books
    that there was barely room to walk, and so dim that most bookworms would avoid
    reading there – that she eventually sourced a book on the way the brain and
    body use electric impulses to send messages through the nervous system. Reading
    the book in the dim light of the musty library, head hunched over the small
    words, Mioko discovered something interesting; a jutsu called Ranshinshou, or Chaotic
    Mental Collision, with which the user can create an electric field to disrupt
    the target's nervous system. Because the brain and body communicate using
    electrical impulses, the user can use the field to disrupt the target's ability
    to move. The result is the commands to move one body part being relayed to
    another, making it near impossible for the opponent to move unless they have
    high skill and understanding of the body or with time. It seemed similar to her
    Skill of Nervous System Confusion, which converts chakra to electrical energy
    and is sent against the neck. This is used to confuse the nervous system, in
    order to be used as an anastetic in to get rid of a patient’s pain or to put
    them to sleep for surgery. She spent a good hour training and mastering the
    technique, and then went back upstairs and gave the book to the medical-nin in
    charge of the paralysed man. She left with the intention of going and finding a
    shady spot to have a nap, which was when Kim-sempai had appeared to berate her
    for trying to skip patrol.

    Giving up on the attempt to sleep with her glass eye open,
    Mioko pulled her katana from her back, holding them out in front of her so that
    they crossed, reflecting the suns light at her. Her legs dangled over the edge
    of the tower, swinging lightly, and her hands sat loosely in her lap, her
    shoulders back to hold the weight of her quite large chest. She rose lightly to
    her feet, balancing precariously on the top of the tower as she stretched
    extravagantly, the katana raising in the air and flashing like a beacon. She
    lowered her arms and tipped forward, glancing over the edge of the tower, and
    then lifted one foot and casually stepped forward into the thin air. She began
    to fall quickly, her arms lifting with the air pressure, katana gripped tightly
    in them. To anyone else, this would seem like an act of pure suicide, but Mioko
    was more intelligent than she was often given credit for, and her sense of
    self-preservation was far too strong for a rash move that mind leave her losing
    her life. She used the slight tilt she had stepped off the tower with, created
    by how she had tipped forward, to flip herself, arms spreading out to control
    how much she turned. After getting passed the barrier of the half-way point
    when her body was horizontal and experiencing the most air pressure, she was
    able to flip herself pretty easily so that her head was facing the rapidly
    approaching ground, stretching her arms – and katana – out in front of her.
    Just before she reached the point where she would undoubtedly hit the ground
    head-first and crack her skull open like it was an egg, she pulled up, using
    her ability to fly to glide effortlessly between the streets, just above the
    heads of the villagers on that level of the village. She was heading to the
    village Training Grounds. Or, more accurately, to behind the village Training
    Grounds, where they kept the equipment – and, most importantly, the straw
    dummies – that were in bad condition from others training with them. She flew
    there swiftly, and with ease, going around the training arena rather than over
    it; she had almost been hit by a particularly powerful jutsu that was still
    being trained once when she had flown over without paying attention, and had
    been more cautious ever since.

    Reaching the edge of the Abandoned Dummy Ground, she activated
    the Hiding in Mist jutsu, covering the whole area in a thick, visibly
    impenetrable mist, which she blended herself into. She moved silently and
    subtly through it, completely hidden from any human sight, and appeared behind
    one of the dummy’s, quickly and silently bringing up her two swords and cutting
    the head off of it. Sheathing one of her swords, she picked up the dismembered
    dummy head, which was badly charred and smashed in from someone’s previous
    training anyway. She inspected the cut she had made critically. It was clean
    through, but there was something lacking to it; the cut was uneven because she
    had cut with two swords. Keeping one sword sheathed, she dropped the dummy head
    and slipped back into the mist, swiftly and silently moving through the white
    fog to the next nearest dummy, she quickly and silently decapitated it from
    behind with a clean cut from one blade. She picked up the head and inspected
    in, nodding with satisfaction at what she saw. The cut had been quick, straight
    and clean; the only thing making it short of perfect was the firm belief she
    had inherited from her grandfather that there was no such thing as perfection,
    only continuous determination. With that done, she proceeded to try and train a
    form of taijutsu invented and told to her by Kimi-sempai. Mioko, having had a
    weak body since she was very young, had always avoided taijutsu because she had
    always thought that it had a total basis in physical strength, which she
    lacked, and needed good hand-eye coordination, which she struggled with because
    she was blind in one eye – the only reason she had any skill at kenjutsu was
    because of years of her grandfathers patient, and unusual, tuition. For her, a
    sword was like an extension of her arm, rather than something that needed
    coordination; using her katana was practically instinctual for her. However,
    similarly to Mioko, Kimi had a weak body. The taijutsu she had created was
    greatly based on kenjutsu and was designed for people like them who would
    struggle with conventional taijutsu attacks. It was a quick hit-and-run style,
    always trying to deal maximum damage as possible with the least effort. She
    practised this on the dummies, popping out of the mist behind them, dealing a
    quick blow to the areas she knew from her medical training to be vital, and
    disappearing again as quickly as possible. Having accomplished that, she
    released the Hiding in Mist Technique and left the Training area, finding a
    nice tree to rest under, out of the glare of the sun.

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